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 Warrior & Mage

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PostSubject: Warrior & Mage   Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:33 am

Wu Xia[WARRIOR] (Human Kind)
Specialization: Melee Attacks
Weapon of Choice: Sword, Long Weapons, Axe, Knife, Martial ArtsWuxia's are close combat warriors who are potent with or withoutweapons. They are swift, agile and quick to attack and evade assailants.
Wuxias as swordsmen weight themselves on chivalry and the mastery ofthe different fighting arts through continuous practice and training.
They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies, plustheir solid grasp of the different kinds of weapons, superior physicalattack prowess and fighting arts, which brings forth a deadlycombination of power and speed makes the Wuxia a formidable foe tocontend with.

now, as for the builds, there are 4, and no, i can't shorten them like the WFs, and when i think about it, there is about 3-4 different ways to go about each of these 4 builds, so i've already shortened them to their weapon classes: Axe/Hammer-WR, Spear-WR, Sword-WR, and the Fist-WR... and since these builds are based on weapon builds i will post the 'Weapon/Armor' section first so i don't have to repeat myself:

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: i will say this once, and only once, if you are not using the weapon of the designated you are not of that build...

Armor: Heavy for all types of WRs, even Fists up until the higher lvls 30~50+ when the mobs start going for magic heavy attks, Axe/Hammers stay with Heavy, you don't have the Agi to wear Light so don't think about it, Spears MAY dabble in this, but they will likely have to wear level down Light so its not really worth it, and Sword can go with either, but with Fists i wouldn't suggest anything other then Light after 50, but its up to you in the end, and don't even think about touching robes, for ANY warrior, none of you should have the Int to wear it in the first place....

Build #1: Axe/Hammer-Warrior

This is a warrior that only uses Axes and Hammers, they basically aim to do lots of damage in one hit, despite not being able TO hit, with this build you are basically up there with the WBs trying to keep that boss away from the mages... for variations in this build please look at the WereBeast Guide, they are very similer...

STR: this is your main stat, feel free to dump here as much as you like, my only condition is that you have enough to weild your weapon
AGI: completely useless to you, i'd highly suggest not touching it other then getting the required for your armor and weapons, no more
CON: IF you were to get another stat this would be it, that way you can pretty much have a lot of life for when those creatures you miss keep hitting you
INT: no warrior needs this, don't touch it

High Str, when you hit, you do lots of damage, high phys. def. means physical creatures will do little damage to you, weapons tend to be easier to craft.... In Pvp if you get a hit in, you are more likely to win, if you went with a high Con build you will most likly outlast anyone, weather fighting mobs or in Pvp

You don't hit very often, with the lowest Agi of the builds dodging and hitting are going to be your biggest problems, plus with no Int magic will do lots of damage to you, better hope to have lots of life

Build #2: Spear-Warrior

doing less damage then the Axe/Hammer-WR, they are still a higher Str build designed to do lots of damage, because of the spears long reach they have the ability to hit opponants from a farther distance and potentially making them one of the better lurers of the 4 WRs

STR: this is your main stat, the key here is to get up to required for weapon, too much more and you might as well just go for Axe/Hammers
AGI: get to required for equips, IF you want more, fine, but too much and just move on to swords
CON: after getting main stats, you can get this, sure why not, life is good
INT: no warrior needs this, don't touch it

higher Str then swords, faster then Axe/Hammers, longer distance to attks, easier weapons to craft....

less Str then the Axe/Hammers, less Agi then the Swords...

Build #3: Sword-Warrior

the basic warrior, every warrior gets a taste of this in the begining, their are our inbetween build for the Warriors, with near equal Str/Agi, they provide decent damage and hit/crit relatively well compared to the previous two builds, would probably rank 3rd on my WR-lurers...

STR: get to required for equips, if you want more thats fine, just keep an eye on you pt total, you do need them for other things
AGI: get to required for equips, if you want more that's also fine, but remember to watch your Pt total, best to get Str/Agi to needed then decide where to put what's left
CON: after getting main stats, you can get this, though you might not have that many stats left
INT: no warrior needs this, don't touch it

higher Str then fists, faster then spears, well-rounded char, better hit/dodge/crit then previous...

less Str then spears, less Agi then the fists, not a heavy hitter...

Build #4: Fist-Warrior

the most divergent of the WR builds, since Str is NOT their main stat, Agi is!! these are fast little mofos that strike quickly, and even though they do about a 3rd the damage a spear-WR does, with their rapid attks, they get about 4 in for the spear's 1... quick, high crit-rate, and dodges like mad crazy, these Warriors provide the best lurers and support phys. damage dealers, and with their rapid hits will more often then not skill-interupt enemy mages....

STR: get to required for equips, i wouldn't suggest more then that, but some times its okay
AGI: Main stat, i'd highly suggest getting this up more then needed, but that's your decision
CON: if you have anything left, or don't feel comfortable with low life, get some in here, but i'd suggest against more then ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY
INT: no warrior needs this, don't touch it

Highest Agi of the WRs, dodges the most, has more crits, and will almost always hit, quick attacks provide skill interupt to mages, and in Pvp this is down-right awesome, plus with high dodge they will most likly not get hit in Pvp and win without a scratch...

least Str of the WRs, now while they WILL hit, they also don't do as much damage PER HIT, and with the lowest Con, averagely, of the WR builds, when they get hit they are the most likely to fall, IF they get hit...

The Axe/Hammer-Warrior: meh, they're okay, and yes they serve their purpose of killing things cause they will most likely solo, but in my opinion if you want to be this build, just go be a WB,

The Spear-Warrior: one of two of the types of warriors i think are even the reason they made the warrior class, spear users are faster then Axe/Hammer-WRs and WB, have a long reach

The Sword-Warrior: eeh, these guys, in my opinion, are the epitome of the generic warrior class you find in EVERY mmo out there, so i suppose they are a required staple for those geeky enough to complain about not having 'their warrior', because honestly, there is ALWAYS a warrior, and they almost ALWAYS use swords, but hey, it IS a staple, so i guess you have to give props to this gaming meme, and they're not half-bad as that character you want to play, but aren't really your main, and you just want to waste time doing whatever you want without ruining your main's rep

The Fist-Warrior: Personally my favorite, being the odd-ball of the WR-sibs, they can ACTUALLY hit something!! plus i love their skill-interupt ability, well its not an ability, they just hit so freakin' fast if a mage is casting it gets canceled

Fa Shih [MAGICIAN](Human Kind)

Specialization: Magic Attacks
Weapon of Choice: Elemental InvocationsFashis are hot tempered but warm hearted masters of the conjuringarts. They can utilize the elements of water, fire and earth to theiradvantage.
To maximize the elements of nature, Fashis are required to beimmersed in a state of mystical meditation when casting. During thisstate, the defense capability of Fashis are crippled but once theconjuring is in effect, they can deal a great amount of damage toenemies. To the Fashi, Attack is always the Best Defense.
Aside from this, Fashi's can absorb skills and develop their own skills as they level up.

Information that i wrote:
with Mages there are two builds i know that are really effective, the CON mage and the INT mage (or as i like to call them, the Loner Mage and the Nuker)

Build #1: Con Mage: AKA the Loner Mage

this build is fairly similar to the WBs first build, only, ironically, opposite.... The CON mage is a mage who has decided 'i want some life' and therefore sacrifice their ability to do the maximum damage with their skills so they can take a few hits, the only reason i call this the 'loner mage' is because simply, they are probably the only mage that can go out and fight something on their own, while the Nuker relies heavily on a tanker's distraction so they can cast and wipe out the feild.... Unlike the STR-WB these mage still, technically, fulfill their role as the main punch in any party, just slightly less then the nuker, and i think EPs would like them cause they have to revive them slightly less....

STR: only, and i can't stress this enough, ONLY to the amount needed for your weapon, no more
AGI: don't touch, seriously, just don't
CON: this is our odd stat, for these guys add left over pts as you see fit, some go for 2Con every 3Int, while other do the opposite and switch around when they need Str, but this is the stat you mainly dump in....
INT: Main stat, get as needed for equips and add more if you feel like it

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: staves/wands are okay, but due to their higher INT and the more precise damage (smaller magic attk range), i'd suggest stick to magic-swords and cuoit (the circular magic weapons that look like vajras)

Armor: Robes, and i would not suggest anything else, otherwise you have to build up useless stats

they do a lot of magic damage, and with the extra Con they can take a hit and still be able to run, plus with the mages extreme range (28m at max) they are likely able to have time to decide if you want to run or risk that hit, easier to fight early mobs then Nuker, in Pvp if you use skills right, you can win easily

you are still a mage, and despite the fact that you can now take maybe 3 hits, instead of the normal 1, you will still die quickly if you go for close combat, it will take more shots to kill a creature then a Nuker, less Mp then Nuker, in Pvp if you don't use skills right you will lose

Build #2: INT Mage: AKA The Nuker

this is the epitome of what a mage should be, all Int, with far range Mag-Attks, and AOEs like crazy, your job is to blow up the enimes as fast as possible while the WB/WR distract them, if you are hit, you are dead, so you and the EP will be great friends, with the WF doubleing as backup mag-attk and protecting you while their pet protects them, and the archers snipeing minor enimies away from you while you are taking that 7-8 secs to summon up mega element attks....

STR: Only as needed for equips
AGI: don't touch, as i said before
CON: don't touch either, you are ment to do damage, not take it
INT: thorw everything you have in here, for massive damage

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: Cuoits and Magic swords, kinda ignore staves, and wands are okay if you NEED too

Armor: Robes, and only Robes, if i see a mage in anything else i will sick my baby on you.....

They do as their name says, they Nuke, EVERYTHING!! anything that gets caught in one of their AOEs will be dead, period, they are good for wiping whole fields of mobs..... higher lvl mobs are a breeze if you have all the right skills, plus high lvl sheilds help with damage reduction, in Pvp they are only good if they hit....

The wind blows at you the wrong way, you die..... if anything, ANYTHING gets near you, you are dead, so in Pvp yeah, if you hit that STR-WB you will automatically win, unfortunately it takes him no time to get close to you and smack you with that hammer, and the Fist-WRs will almost always cause skill interupt on you, so you die.....

The Nuker: i love the idea of just blowing everything up i personally go with this build when i make a mage, yes it is very frustrating in those low levels where i died agaisnt EVERYTHING, especially that skill interupting mofo-cactus, but as i got high enough, with lots of determination, i was blowing up whole fields of mobs like it was nothing, while i was safely perched on a rock, yay rocks...

This Aren't made by me i just thought to share them anyways.So the credit goes to the actual creators/owners(can't remember who i have this from a long time ago)
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Warrior & Mage
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