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 Elf Archer & Priest

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PostSubject: Elf Archer & Priest   Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:35 am

Yu Mang [ELF ARCHER](Wing Kind)
Specialization: Long Ranged Attacks
Weapon of Choice: Ranged WeaponsYumangs are believed to be offsprings from a hybrid of humans andgods and on which bloodlines are made apparent through their intrinsicphysical beauty and elegance.
Their race is blessed with wings and can fly the skies as an innate skill.
The Yumangs are the guardians of the Wing race. They utilize woodenequipment like bows and arrows and other long range weapons to ward ofattackers and would be enemies


with the archer there are about 3 builds i know of, and the key to each of these builds is their weapon, so i will only post the general build and the main difference will be in the equips:

Build: (overall)

the archer is the character that stands behind everyone and shoots everything down before it reaches the mages (who are infront of them but behind the EPs) the archer is a support/lurer type of char, they support the WBs and WRs by popping mobs to save the WB some life and WR from have to hit something else, and they are good at lureing the bosses so the WFs don't have to sacrifice their pets and the WRs don't have to sacrifice themselves

(this is relative to lvl and equips needed)
STR: only add to this when necessary, depending on weapon depends on how many pts you have left over to add here, crossbows generally require the most STR to weild while slingshots the least, with bows being that inbetween...
AGI: this is an archer's main skill, i'd highly suggest putting all extra in this stat, but due to the archer's build, when necessary add to other stats
CON: not really important, i'd suggest against adding here, but occasionally you need a bit more life, but if you are good at kiting (constantly hitting the 'S' key and running backwards) this shouldn't be much of an issue, remember archers stay in the back AWAY from enemies
INT: like con, not really necessary, i'd COMPLETELY suggest against it, but these are elves, and elves without some brains is kinda sad....

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
now this is where the difference in builds comes in, there are three depending on each weapon and the effects they have on combat:

Rapid-fire: Slingshots: this is the archer who has about the least STR but most AGI, there are discrepincies due to preferences of the other two generally useless stats, but overall least STR and most AGI..... Rapid-fires use slingshots and base their entire build around this weapon, their idea is to basically hit anything as fast as they can despite it not being that much of a punch, ideally if they hit faster they do more damage overall, and with their high critical rate this could be very true....... its a wonder i don't see more of these

hits really, Really, REALLY fast, damage reduction is 4.5m instead of 5m, criticals alot and will almost always hit, period, and they have high dodge (like all archers) there is a possiblity they can cuase skill interupt becuase of their speed, but this is theoretical and un-tested, good in Pvp becuase of high dodge, and proper skill usage, damage okay as long as you stay away from them.....

if they get hit, you die, unless you've spent a few pts in Con, not as strong per hit as the other weapon builds, not the best against magic, and soloing becomes harder when creatures get past 50+ becuase of the rampant amount of magic used....

Classic Archer: Bows: here's for our middle ground archer, AGI is high as usual for an archer but they have more STR then RPs and less then Snips, with miscellanious stats around....... Classic Archers stick with bows and build around this weapon, their rate of fire is slower then RPs but faster then Snips, with high crit like all archers they do good damage when they crit and so-so when they just normally hit, but like all archers, they almost never miss...... the general middle range archer, and probably most common in lower levels

pretty much the same, stronger per hit then slingshot
pretty much the same, not as strong per hit as the crossbow

now The Sniper: crossbows: here's the archer's heavy hitter, with the archer high AGI and the most STR for the archers this is the one that will probably do the most damage per hit...... Snips stick with crossbows and build around this weapon, they have the slowest rate of fire but the highest damage per normal hit, and most with crits, these are the guys that HAVE to stay in the back, they are snipers, if they get spotted and hit they're pretty much dead, kiting is the key with these guys, but hopefully, like a real sniper, you will get that magnificent headshot long before that creature is even on your screen..... i see alot of them, especially in higher levels, plus most people go to this build after their 19FB becuase they give you a pretty nice crossbow that will last you for awhile....

prettymuch the same, strongest per hit
pretty much the same, slowest hit rate of the weapons

and the miscellanous weapon that always shows up to combat the archers lack of being able to hit anything point-blank:
The Fists: like i said, the downfall to most all archers is the 5m damage reduction: AKA if it can hit you, you can't hurt it for anything with your normal weapon, so most, if not all the really good archers i've seen, have these Fists as a backup weapon for when things get a tick too close Fists are good, and easy for archers, becuase they hit very quickly and with their high AGI will just about ALWAYS hit and possible cause skill intturpt so you can kite away from them and pull out that main weapon to shoot them again with knock-back skill....... these Fists are also good becuase they require about the same stats as any of the previous weapons...

Armor:Light, please just stick with this its the easiest for archers to wear and provides both decent phys and magic defense, though i have seen archers have a sub-set of heavy armor for when phys creatures get closeand they have to switch to their fists, i'd only suggest this to someone with a maxed out inventory (unless you don't like picking stuff up )

Classic Archer: decent, i see alot of them at low lvls because you start off with a bow and most people don't consider changing until way later, general guys, do theirlureing well, have a good distence, good support, and generally the guy you seen in every 19fb...

Sniper: in my opinion the best,simply because i like snipers, in real life, in game i'd like to try one out, at high levels i think they are the best of the three builds simply becuase they're probably the only ones to claim 'HEAD-SHOT'becuase they could kill something with one well placed critical hit..... slow to shoot but worth it when they do....

Fists: a must have for any archer who is tired of getting ganked by phys mobs at low levels.....

Micellanious Build:(ignore as see fit)
now this is something i've heard of, mainly from my brother, but haven't really seen, i put this down here because i'm not 100 percent sure on the validity of this build or how good it is:

The CON Archer: yes,i know i previously stated ignore con/only put IF necessary, but appearently there is a build where an archer adds all stats required for their weapon of choice and then add what's left in Con up until they can't keep up with weapons/armor or settle for the 'next best thing'.... as stated i'm not completely sure of this build or its capability of performing its necessary function as a support fighter

STR: as needed for weapon
AGI: as needed for weapon
CON: basically throw in whatever is left in here
INT: i'd assume they NEVER touch this, but i could be wrong

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
same as the normal archers, including the thing for fists

you can take a hit, i think that's the whole idea behind these guys, decent crit/hit rates, attk rate depending on weapon....

ideally their AGI and STR would be lower, meaning they would crit as much as normal archers, and probably actually miss a few times...

Yu Ling [ELF PRIEST](Wing Kind)
Specialization: Support Magic
Weapon of Choice: Spiritual WeaponsYulings are part of the same elegant race as that of Yumangs. Theytoo have flight as an innate attribute. They can heal, curse and cancall on the elements of thunder and wind to do their bidding. They caneven raise fallen comrades in battle.
They are a good match for closed combatants since their long rangedspiritual prowess complements the short range of melee warriors, whichin turn balances the Yuling's inadequacy in physical attacks.

with the elf priest there are two builds i approve of, the INT-EP and the CON-EP (AKA the Healer Priest/Nun and the Support Priest/Nun)

Build #1: INT-EP: AKA the Healer Priest/Nun

this i find to be the traditional EP and see it lot, these EPs are basically aiming to help with nuking and do heal a lot, their main goal is heal everyone and secondary is to help the WFs and Mages do damage while reviving everyone when they die...

STR: like the Mage, get this only as necessary for equips
AGI: don't touch it, no don't
CON: probably should stay away from this too, but i will allow leway since you might need it to live
INT: this is your baby, you will give it lots and lots of stat pts and watch it grow immensily

Suggested Weapons/Armors: (i will be taking this from the Mages)

Weapons:staves/wands are okay, but due to their higher INT and the more precisedamage (smaller magic attk range), i'd suggest stick to magic-swordsand cuoit (the circular magic weapons that look like vajras)

Armor: Robes, and i would not suggest anything else, otherwise you have to build up useless stats

you can do lots of damage with your magic skills, and heal yourself at the same time, and because of your higher Int you heal slightly more then the Con-EP.... in Pvp i'd watch out for them becuase they can buff and heal themselves easily, and debuff others if given time, and with the feather sheild and lots of Mp they can possibly outlast just about anything, and reviving is really, Really, REALLY nice!! and you can fly infinitely from day one.....

you have no con, and will likely die quickly, now yes you can heal, but sometimes that monster will hit for all your life and completely destroy the point of your regan... in Pvp if you get skill interupted you're pretty much dead-meat

Build #2: CON-EP: The Support Preist/Nun

The support EP is just that, all they do is Support, because they heal slightly less then the healer their main goal is buffing and de-buffing, while supporting the main EPs with extra healing and pretty much keeping everyone else alive while the Healer tries to help with the nuking, and thanks to their extra life if the Healer EP (EP#1) gets killed, in fact if EVERYONE gets killed, the Support EP (EP#2) can last long enough to at least revive EP#1 and move on to someone else and/or distracting the monster so everyone else can be revived and run away, so in some ways these are our kamikaze EPs, sacrificing themselves so everyone else can live

STR: as we all know by now, only when needed for equips
AGI: don't touch, its a no-no
CON: like the Con-Mage this is our dump-stat, throw your leftovers here.... though the general concensus is to go for either 2/3 Int/Con or the other way around per level, with the occasional Str for equips
INT: again, like the Con-Mage, get to where you need it, at least, and a bit higher, stick with the lvl pt distribution and you should be fine until about 30~ when you start to need more Int for your equips, remember to keep up with them no matter what, you'll need it

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: again, magic-swords and cuoits are your thing, since they require slightly less INT then some wands, and do more precise damage then staves.....

Armor: Robes, yes i know it sucks you have no phys def. but that's what your buffs are for.....

these guys can take a hit, and deal it pretty nicely too, not so much as Healers but pretty good, so in Pvp they can take a hit where a healer wouldn't....

the main being you heal slightly less and your magic-damage is less too, and despite have life, you are still and EP and not exactly ment for close combat.... again, in Pvp if you get skill interupted your dead, but you won't die immediately from a single hit

The Support Priest/Nun: in my opinion, i love these guys, my brother plays one and is awesome at what he does, when in a party he plays his role as support to the letter, all he does is heal everyone, and makes sure the Healer EPs are alive and keep their special arrays working, and its from partying with him that i've seen a support EP in action to its fullest degree, more often then not it was because of his sacrificing himself as a lurer after all the rest of us died and he revived us, that i've made it through many of my cults and fbs, if you are and EP, be like the Support EPs, you can be a Healer still, but keep that Kamikaze mind-set, it is your job to make sure EVERYONE ELSE survives, that is your job, stick to it and keep it up

Micellanious Build:(ignore as see fit)

yes, there is a micellanious build for the EPs, and you wonder why i wasn't screaming about not wearing strickly Robes like i did with the mages, now this build is simply this:

The Light-armor EP:

yes, this is a very weird build, and i slightly approve of it, IF, and only IF you are good enough to use it properly, this is my Kamikaze EP to the max, their only purpose is to heal in party, but with their odd stats they actually have the ability to solo... now why didn't i suggest this same build for the Mages? simple, a light-armor mage cannot fulfil their role of blowing everything up properly if they waste states on Agi, EPs only really heal, so they can risk it, plus the dodge will help them live when everyone else is dead...

STR: as needed for equips
AGI: as needed for light armor
CON: best not to touch, but you can risk it and wear a grade lower armor
INT: as needed for equips

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: i'd suggest the same as the other EPs, but because of the hard build it'd probably be best to go with staves since they require less Int

Armor: Light, this is your whole purpose, if you stray from this, why are you a light-armor EP??

again, you can take a hit, you have phys def. now, and with the Agi you can possibly dodge and Crit better, otherwise same

you can't do as much damage as the Support EP, and more then likely youdon't heal as much, plus because you are wearing Light-armor you haveless magic def. buffs are the key here, otherwise same

This Aren't made by me i just thought to share them anyways.So the credit goes to the actual creators/owners(can't remember who i have this from a long time ago)
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Elf Archer & Priest
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