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 WereBeast & WereFox

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PostSubject: WereBeast & WereFox   Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:36 am

Yao Shou [WEREBEAST](Beast Kind)
Specialization: Melee Attacks and Transfiguration
Weapon of Choice: Axe and HammerYaoshous are creatures that opened up to the evils of the earth andas such, the creatures that used to tread the earth for more than ahundred years metamorphosed with the shape of a human being.
YaoShou are strong creatures that are often serves as the front-lineattacker on the battlefield. Its prime strength is its ability tobattle with the enemies during melee skirmishes. It mainly relies onits brute strength during attacks.
Yaoshous can bring out the inner beast in them by awakening theanimal within himself and in turn transform himself into a creature ofimmense strength.

now with the werebeast there are two relative builds (one that works and one that isn't as good, everything else is a no-no in my opinion)

now Build #1: Str heavy build:

this is a build that most people go for when they are WBs, cause they think since its a big beasty-guy they should have a lot of STR, so this is the general build:

(this is relative to lvl and equips needed)
STR: add like mad crazy, with this build all extra stat pts go here
AGI: add as needed for weapons and armor, no more
CON: add at ones discretion, STR-WBs don't really pay attention to this and add as they see fit
INT: DON'T TOUCH IT!! ever, WBs don't need Int period

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
Weapons: WB only have one choice, axe/hammers...... from observations most tend to head towards double-axes since they hit faster
Armor: Heavy, please please please don't touch anything else, its weird enough to see a WB in light armor, and one in robes is just wrong, cuase they don't need INT so this is basically what happens

its insanely strong, if they hit they will most likely kill, decent in Pvp, and are sure to win....... if they hit

don't hit very often, prone to being wounded by magic easily, and with low life tend to die quickly

now Build #2: Con heavy Build:

now this is, in my opinion, the better build, because this one helps with the WB serve its general purpose as a meat-shield, yes i just called the WB a meat-sheild, its suppriseing i got my BF to join PW by describeing the WB as such so the general build:

(this is relative to lvl and equips needed)
STR: add as necessary for armor/weapons
AGI: add as necessary for armor/weapons
CON: this is the main stat, add all extra pts to this stat, this is how you get the extreme HP to handle just about anything thrown at you, and serve the WB purpose as a party meat-sheild
INT: as stated before, don't touch it, please, just don't

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
Weapons: same as previous, Axes/Hammers..... though i've seen these guys with more the single heavy hammers, my assumption is they don't need the extra speed doubles provide cause any damage they take will be minimal to their whole life
Armor: same as previously stated, Heavy, please don't touch anything else

have insane amounts of life, even if they get hit it shouldn't be much of a problem since they have a TON of life, very strong, now so much as STR-WB but its not by much, is still likely to kill when they hit, serve their meat-sheild/uber-tanker purpose by having tons of life, decent in Pvp cause if anything else they will out last the opponant.....

magic is still a problem, but not so much as STR-WB because they have the life to last, hopefully, as previous build they don't hit that often.....

Build #1: Str-WB is kinda rediculous, they are good for soloing until all the creatures turn in to super magic-casters around 30~+ and even worse when they use

Build #2: Con-WB is my prefered build becuase, as i've stated, they serve their purpose as a meat-sheild, in the party dynamics the WB is ment to call everything to it and distract the enemy away from the magic-casters and the healers, THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO KILL EVERYTHING AROUND THEM!! that is not their MAIN purpose, that's a secondary purpose, tanks are ment to distract so the mages, WFs and any free EPs can nuke the hell outta whatever you are fighting, and so that the WRs can go in and attack without the threat of getting hit.... they're extreme life keeps them alive while taking massive damage and doing their job, with the occasional uber-damage hit when they actually DO HIT

Yao Jing [WEREFOX](Beast Kind)
Specialization: Summoning
Weapon of Choice: Magic ToolsYaojing shares the evil that reside in Yaoshous, but instead beingbeast-like creatures, Yaojings are attractive and charming charactersthat can tantalize its foes and allies.
Yaojings' temptress ways are traced from that of a grass snake and like the snake, are very adept in using poison.
In addition, Yaojings can tame animals to fight with them. Each petthat is tamed and summoned has its own attributes and skills that canbe used by the Yaojing in combat.
Yaojings can awaken the fox in them for a higher attack and defenseattribute that is not normally displayed when it in its normal form.

because of the WFs versitility, and overall role as support attacker, in both Nuking and Tanking, there are 5 different builds for this class yes shocking, but i will cut this down to three primary ones (INT-WF, STR-WF, and Hybrid) since two of the builds are simply adding 1 less pt of either Int/Str per lvl, kinda seems redundent for me to post it..... i'm sorry to all those Fox-Mages and Vita-foxes out there

Build #1: INT-WF: AKA the Nuker-Fox and the Fox-mage

The INT-WF is perhaps the most common fox i see out there, because it is the easiest to play, simply get a Fiery LavaRime at a low level, and deck your fox like it's a mage with a minion...

STR: add as necessary for Robes and weapons
AGI: Don't touch, you are a mage, and you don't need to dodge cause your pet is your unbeatable wall
CON: i'd only suggest using this is you want to be a Fox-mage, if your going for full on Nuker, ignore it
INT: this is the difference between Nuker-fox and fox mage, if you dump all pts in here you are a Nuker, if only mostly, you are a Mage.... got it

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: Staves/cuoits/wands/and magic-swords all good for you, take your pick as you see fit

Armor: Robes and only robes, if you go for something else you are no longer a Nuker-Mage-Fox

you are a mage with a pet, all mage-y pros apply, only now you have a wall and can poison...

of all the foxes, if you are hit you are the most likely to die, and you have pretty much no use for your fox skills, and other cons like every other mage...

Build #2: The STR-WF: AKA The Battle-Fox or Vita-Fox

you are basically a fox who has completely given up on using any of your mage skills and go completely fox form for just about everything, you can have any strong pet in tow, since you are more then likely to be the one to get hit here instead of it, so its pretty much your back up and for lureing...

STR: This is your main stat, this is where the difference of Battle- and Vita-fox comes from, for Battle you pretty much act as a STR-WB and dump all pts here, for the Vita you dump most but have some left over for Agi and MAYBE some Con
AGI: add here as necessary for equips, and only Vita can MAYBE add a small bit more
CON: i'd suggest against it, and only even think about adding here if your going for Vita, Battle- its a no-no
INT: since you've completely forsaken your spells why would you touch this?? so nothing here, period

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: if you are in fox form, either have the best mage weapon you can equip or go bare-handed, because even though you are in fox form, you still need either the mage weapon or nothing to preform skills, now if you are fighting in human form, since your normal skills mean nothing to you, have fun with whatever weapon you pick, though for Battle i'd suggest only going for Axe/Hammers, and Vita i wouldn't go past spears, but if you want to try it, sure, why not.....

Armor: Heavy, if you put on anything else you are no longer a Battle-fox or Vita-fox

you are a WB with a pet, congrats you have back up... similar pros as WB and WR

of all the foxes, you don't use any magic, so that means no poisoning enemies, but if you do its pretty much not worth doing, and your Mp is low so you can't multi-tame for pets, so pick wisely, otherwise similar Cons as WB and WR

Build #3: The Hybrid

you are the fox that has accepted everything there is about being your unusual polly-morphic species, you are the jack of all trades, you can play your support role in the party as either a backup Nuker or backup fighter, you wont be able to Nuke like the Nuker-Fox and Fox-Mage, and you won't pack the same punch as a Battle-Fox or Vita-Fox, but by hell you can do everything both of them can do and you will do it!! The Hybrid is exactly what it says it is, you are that inbetween Fox with decent magic and decent Attk, not the best, but not the worst.....

STR: you will keep this up in order to wear Light Armor, but no more
AGI: like Str this will be kept up to wearing Light Armor, and no more
CON: this is a debateable area, most Hybrids ignore Con all together, i always get my Con to 25 and settle for Weapons about 10lvls lower then me... but its up to your preference
INT: this is your main stat, if you are like me and have SOME Con, it will be hard to keep this up to the latest weapon, or like me, never have it that high, but if you completely ignore Con, then it should be easy to keep this high enough for the best weapon...

Suggested Weapons/Armors:

Weapons: Stick to staves when you can, since they require less Int, but i usually get hand-me-down Cuoits/Magic-swords from my Bro the EP, and they work fine too, wands....... eh, if you want

Armor: Light is the most common for Hybrids, now you can go for other armors, but they would likely be grades-lower then your lvl, and if you do that, you might as well be that type of fox anyway...

you aren't the worst, you have rounded-ish stats, and have generally good balance between Magic Def. and Phys Def. like all foxes, in Pvp have a pet really does own, plus Bramble gaurd reflecting damage is really nice....

of all the foxes, you aren't the best at anything, you get more phys. damage then Battle- and Vita- and more magic damage then the Nuker and Mage.... jack of all trades, master of none...

The Battle-Fox and the Vita-Fox: i respect these people immensely, because i know i'd never have the patience to pull this off, again, no point in say "might as well be..." since they have a pet to back them up everytime they go into battle, plus with bramble gaurd and melee-mastery, these foxes are definitely something to look out for, and from what i've seen they're as rare as the light-armor EP, despite being a fully-credited Build in my book..

This Aren't made by me i just thought to share them anyways.So the credit goes to the actual creators/owners(can't remember who i have this from a long time ago)
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WereBeast & WereFox
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