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 Newbie Jumpstart

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PostSubject: Newbie Jumpstart   Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:24 pm

I was going to put this in the perfect world FAQ and tip section, but there didn't seem to be a good place to put it in there, move this topic as you please ^^.

I wrote this on my Malaysian Perfect World guild's Forum, here is your copy.

Hello newcomers! If you are just starting to play Perfect World, then the following information may interest you.

Beginning With A New Character

Q: What class should I pick? What's the best one to play?

A: It's really a matter of choice, depending on what role you prefer to play in battle. There is no one class the supercedes the other, each has its fair advantages and disadvantages.

Human Warrior: The warrior is the basic melee class, that deals decent physical damage and has a very useful defensive buff that works on all in the party. They can equip just about all melee weapon types: Fist Glove, Blade & Sword, Hammer & Axe.

Human Mage: The mage deals the most magic damage of all classes, but the compensate their low defense and health for that great feat. Mages are granted spells from three elemental schools (Water, Fire, Earth). They can equip all Magical-instruments, and are granted spells to use with Blade & Sword at later levels.

Winged Elf Archer: The archer is the only class that uses projectile weapons. Naturally, archers have fast attack speed with high critical hit damage. They can also infuse their shots with metal element damage. They can equip Crossbow, Bow, and Slingshot. Some melee weapons are available to them as well but are usually not as effective due to their average physical defense and health.

Winged Elf Priest: The priest is the support class for all other classes. They are granted spells which enhance a player's battle status. Their best feat is the ability to resurrect a dead player. Priests, like mages use magic and like archers their damage is metal element based. Because priests have low physical defense and health, they are suited best in a party with others. They can equip all magical-instruments.

Werebeast: The werebeast is a natural defender. Werebeasts have the highest amount of health and extremely good physical defense. They serve best as tanks at the front of line battle for other classes. A werebeast has the ability to transform into a white tiger, granting itself even more physical defense and an increased movement speed. They can equip with Hammer & Axe, Dual Hammer & Axe.

Werefox: The werefox is at best described as a summoner mage class. They use magic damage of wood elemental and fire elemental types. They're known mainly for their ability to tame creatures and have them as pets that can assist in battle and grow in level with them. In sense, a werefox is a mage via its offensive magic and a pet healer/priest via its defensive magic that works on its pets. They can equip all magical-instruments.

Q: Which stats are important for my character?

A: For each class, there are three stats that are important. First there is one main stat that should *always* be focused on. Second, there is a second stat is left as a choice to the player for how much to focus on. Third and lastly, there is the one stat which is not the main focus but mandatory in order to meet the minimum requirements to wear equipment.

Warrior: STR is the most important and main focus. CON is the optional choice. AGI is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: STR > AGI > CON

Mage: INT is the most important and main focus. AGI is the optional choice. STR is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: INT > AGI > CON

Archer: AGI is the most important and main focus. CON is the optional choice. STR is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: AGI > STR > CON

Priest: INT is the most important and main focus. CON is the optional choice. STR is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: INT > CON > STR

Werebeast: STR is the most important and main focus. CON is the optional choice (but for WB, highly recommended). AGI is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: CON > STR > AGI

Werefox: INT is the most important and main focus. CON is the optional choice. STR is required (minimum) to wear equipment.

In order of priority when adding: INT > CON > STR

For more detail information on what skills to learn and specifics on other character builds for the various classes, follow through these links:

Warrior - Fist: Spear:
Mage -
Archer -
Priest -
Werebeast -
Werefox -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What level do I have to be to fly?

A: For most players, you must be level 30 and complete a quest to obtain your first transport that will allow you to fly. Wing Elf players can fly immediately at the start of the game, however, they don't fly very fast then, and must upgrade a skill to increase speed.

Q: I saw someone with a pet, can I have one also?

A: Yes and no. Battle pets are limited to the Werefox class only. All-class pets may be used by anyone, but they do not gain in levels or fight with you in battle (on the bright side, you don't have to worry about feeding them either). As a Werefox, you receive your first pet from a quest at level 3. After level 7 you obtain a skill to tame wild creatures as your pets. For all other classes, you must complete quests to kill rare-spawned monsters which drop items that need to be turned in to complete the quests.

More information on baby pets and the quest items needed to obtain them can be found here:

Q: What is Cultivation and how do I raise it?

A: Cultivation is a character rank in skill usage. Every class must achieve a certain cultivation level in order to unlock their next set of skills. To do this you must complete a cultivation quest on every x9 level (lv9, 19, 29, 39, 49....99..). There are 10 cultivation levels total.

Q: What is this talk about "FB" that I see in chat often?

A: "FB" stands for Fu Ben, which is a Chinese with the meaning of "tablet". When you hear people taking about it they are referring to the Iron Tablet quests that take place in dungeons. They consist of bosses which require a party to defeat and normal mobs which also require a party or can be soloed by a Werefox and tanker pet. The first Fu Ben quest becomes available at level 19. You must have at least 90 reputation to take this quest.

Q: What does "HH" mean?

A: "HH" stands for Holy Hall. It is a dungeon that you can enter if you are level 60 or above. You can find materials to craft HH weapons (which glow green) and equipments.

Q: What does "TW" mean?

A: "TW" stands for Territorial Wars, which are wars which take places on battlegrounds between two opposing guilds at competition for ownership of a certain territory. There are about 44 territories in total that make up the game map. You can view the territories, their owners, and a schedule for upcoming wars via the Kingdom Map which is accessed by clicking the Kingdom Map button when viewing the World Map.

Q: Are there any penalties for my character dieing?

A: Before level 10 you have no worries. After this level you start to lose level experienece upon each death based on your cultivation level.

Catica wrote:

Inchoation - 0% exp loss
Autoscopy - 5% exp loss
Transform - 4.5% exp loss
Naissance - 4% exp loss
Reborn - 3.5% exp loss
Vigilance - 3% exp loss
Doom - 2.5% exp loss
Disengage - 2% exp loss
Nirvana - 1% exp loss
Prime Immortal or Daimon Baresark - 0.6% exp loss
?? - 0.4% exp loss

There is also a debated-fact that there is less than a 1% chance to drop an item from your inventory upon death by a monster or player.

Q: Can I be killed by other players? At what level?

A: Before level 30 you are protected from being player-killed and are also prohibited from engaging a player kill against another.

Q: Is there damage received from falling?

A: No, and luckily not. If the case were so many people would die quite often, seeing as how one of the best ways to travel is by flying, and the quickest way to reach ground level is to drop.

Q: What are production skills?

A: Production skills are passive skills that allow you to craft various items in the game. There are a total of four productions, and you have the choice to learn any one or all of them.

Upon reaching level 5 go speak with the Elder in your main city to obtain the quest. You will be required to gather a certain number items.

Blacksmith: 2 Raw Iron (gathered from Iron Grit Mine)
Tailor: 2 Xylary Log (gathered from Withered Root)
Jeweller: 2 Sandstone (gathered from Gravel Mine)
Pharmacist: 5 Nervine Grass (gathered from named plant)

You need a shovel to mine these resources. You can buy a shovel for 2,000 gold in the second tab at any merchandiser in town.

Q: What are soulstones? How do I use them?

A: Soulstones are gems that can be put in armor equipment with sockets to provide addition stats or bonuses. You can find them for sale at a merchandiser or from drops off a monster. Depending on the equipment type you can fuse the soulstone by visiting a blacksmith (for weapons) or tailor (for armor).

Look for more info. on production skills and soulstones here:
Got a different question? Want to see something added or changed? Post your response below and I'll be glad to help in anyone I can.
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Newbie Jumpstart
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